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Netway is a professional network infrastructure services and solutions provider specializing in planning, implementation, maintenance and managing network infrastructure for customers. It can provide customers with custom solutions and professional services in network architect, information security, unified communications, liaison center, data center, application delivery and services management.


 Netway has been the strategic partner of Cisco. It has strong technical capacities and years’ experience in advanced technology development. Also, NetWay is partner in many field like Cisco TelePresence (TP), Outdoor Wireless Mesh, Unified Contact Center Enterprise(UCCE), Video Surveillance(IPVS) and etc.  

Netway designs, installs and supports Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) infrastructural and application solutions for a broad base of private and public enterprises in multiple vertical markets including but not restricted to Financial Services, Industrial and Manufacturing, Government, Health, Hospitality and Education.

 Netway  Infrastructural Solutions are network infrastructures that transport data, voice, video and image content with the appropriate availability, performance, security and quality of service that meets the need of today’s business applications and processes. By integrating private and public network services, wired or wireless, fixed or mobile, backbone or last mile with full end to end management, monitoring and operational services, NetWay offers peace of mind to clients allowing them to focus on critical business issues knowing the UCC infrastructure can be trusted to support business objectives.

 Netway Application Solutions focus on meeting the demands of users for effective and productive interaction and collaboration. Presence aware communication functionality including Instant Messaging, Email, Voice and video interaction drives agility, productivity and responsiveness where individuals can manage their reach-ability and select the most appropriate form of communication to achieve their objectives. Facilitating teaming and collaboration across enterprise boundaries and distributed geographies is supported through effective use of online meetings, desktop application sharing, content portals as well as audio and video conferencing services.

 Netway has advanced technologies and certifications with a team of network professionals and professional certifications including project management certifications and CCIE certifications.

 Netway is always catering to the needs of customers and offering custom solutions by applying PPDIOO life cycle service methodology.

 Netway commits itself to guaranteeing stable network performance and excellent efficiency via best practice and advanced technologies so as to help customers to reduce operation costs, quickly respond to market changes and give full play to competitiveness.

 Netway 's strength not only lies in its excellent solutions and services created by advanced technologies and professional teams, but also lies in Netway  colleagues' passion in active innovation and consistent commitment. It is NetWay 's mission to construct new user-friendly network.


 Netway Infrastructure Solutions and Offerings:


Enterprise Networks - LAN, WAN Switches and Routers, Wired or Wireless Components, WAN Optimisation, Cabling and Fibre Services ,Service Provider Transmission and Network Services - Backbone and Last Mile Circuits, Wired, Wireless, Fibre, Optical and Mobile Network Security, Email and Web Content Hygiene Services.


 Netway Application Solutions and Offerings:


 Telephony Systems - PBX, IP Telephony, Voice Recording, Telephony Management Systems ,Contact (Call) Centres, Accessories, Workforce Management

Voice Switching and Least Cost Interconnect and Routing Services ,Audiovisual Systems - Video Conferencing, Surveillance, Digital Signage and Content Management Systems ,Desktop Sharing, Instant Messaging, Collaboration Portals and Online Meeting Services.


 Netway Technology and Service Partners:


 Netway enjoys the highest certification levels with leading Networking & Infrastructure vendors, including NEC, Cisco, Microsoft and HP , IBM , Netasq , Netgear

 Netway has strong relationships with leading telecommunication service providers, integrating their offerings into a single functional client service network and provides one point of contact t for service management.