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Wireless Networks


    At present, the application market of wireless local area

   network becomes increasingly mature; with more and    

   more business users using wireless LAN, wireless card

   gradually becomes the standard configuration of

   notebook computers, and the number of wireless

   LAN users will increase rapidly. Wireless access

   technology has the characteristics such as

   flexible, personalized and short time in network

  construction. Application of this technology into the telecommunication network access areas can provide convenient and flexible network access for users; wireless access is suitable to public areas (such as airports, large-scale exhibition center, high-level hotel, etc.) with great mobility of users and more demand for data services, and wireless access is also suitable to the occasions under which interim and rapid network construction is needed, and the environment where wire access mode is difficult to be accessed. It can be seen that the construction of public wireless broadband access network is very promising.


broadband wireless market has just emerged. The broadband wireless access technology, represented by WLAN, WiMax, LMDS, MMDS and other technology, with its obvious advantages such as high-capacity, multi-service, easy construction and rapid effect, receiving more and more attention of domestic telecom equipment providers and operators.Therefore, 


Netway  believes that the wireless access is an economic and efficient deployment mode to realize broadband network access. Through wireless access, operators can provide users with more flexible access to meet a wide range of bandwidth demand and to achieve integrated voice and data services; enterprises can build a managed, operational, secure and reliable wireless broadband access network, in order to further strengthen their management and control of network, users and business and strengthen the means of billing and monitoring. Only when enterprises have a good operation mode, can they achieve better development. 


Netway  launches the full range of wireless deployments and services which focuses on mainstream wireless manufacturers’ products, such service takes into account wireless spectrum design, wireless user management, wireless devices management, and other elements, providing users with assistance in wireless deployment.