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Network Infrastructure Overveiw





Netway Infrastructure Network Architect Solution is based on life cycle of network that involves six basic phases, namely prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize. With adequate investigation and full understanding of customers' demands,

Netway shall ensure that customers can obtain the support and services needed in each phase of network life cycle.

Today, an unprecedented influence is brought to our business and life by internet pushed by collaboration and Web 2.0 technology. Under the new IT development background, service has become the word that is mentioned most often. The ultimate goal of new business, new applications, new technology and integration of business systems is to further improve and promote service capacity and service level as well as upgrade customers' experience level to service and customers' satisfaction.

It is just for accelerating utilization and convergence among applications, business processes and network resources as well as making IT is capable of providing better service for enterprises and customers that the service oriented network infrastructure is proposed. This requires personnel in departments of business, application development, system and network shall carry out more effective mutual communication, strengthen interaction instead of previous serial work mode. Enterprise network infrastructure designers shall get involved at the initial stage of new business and application and provide relevant guidance so as to make new business and application can conform to enterprise network infrastructure and security specifications. Meanwhile, corresponding adjustment and change of network may be required by innovative business and application; such change may be tremendous in order to meet requirements of enterprise information architecture.

Under today's background of data centralization, enterprise establishes their own data center for storing key enterprise data and run enterprise core business. Data center is not only enterprise business processing center and information resource center, but also become enterprise network infrastructure center. Requirement of accessing data center network is existed in all other networks of enterprise including headquarters network, branch network, external network, Internet/VPN for obtaining relevant services provided by data center.


Netway helps users set up secure, highly-reliable and low-cost network which is used as a carrier of value-added services and meanwhile provides the guarantee for network management and achieves the following characteristics, in order to meet the present and future needs of enterprises.

  •  Provide secure and unlimited connection between the employees, customers and information
  • Offer high-quality real-time applications (such as voice and video, etc.) on an integrated network platform
  • Ensure the access to information and resources at any location
  • Automatically deploy a managed self-defense network
  • Reduce operation expenses of clients

Netway is committed to helping customers in various fields to build network infrastructure platform which is operational, managed, low cost, secure and efficient, and can be loaded with a variety of value-added application functions and services.

  • For operators, to build a "value added" network can meet their network operation management needs, and enable them to provide customers with value-added services through value-added network.
  • For corporate customers, value-added network infrastructure can help companies to save operating costs and make full use of existing network resources.



We offer:

  • Enterprise Internet architecture
  •   High-speed IP bearer network architecture
  •  Data center and storage program
  • Optical transmission network
  • Wireless coverage program