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High Speed IP Bearer Network


At present, all operators’ IP bearer network needs IP MAN (metropolitan area network) which provides voice, data, video, multimedia and other telecommunications services. For example, IP bearer network can provide users with services such as high-speed Internet access, IP phone, phone line lease and wholesale, IP-VPN services, video conference, e-commerce, and video-on-demand. It can also provide users with in buildings with services such as Internet private-line access, enterprise broadband private network, Internet data center, domestic private line, and voice VPN.

The continuous development of business requirements imposes great challenges to MAN construction. These challenges include: complex type of business, and rapidly changing business needs, which makes it difficult to get a one-time network planning and requires good scalability; complex and changing access environment which requires equipment to have better adaptive ability; users have increasing high requirements on QOS of the business, which requires the ability to optimize and deliver IP services; users have higher and higher demand for bandwidth’s provision ability and scalability.

In terms of network planning and network construction of broadband MAN, the operation of broadband services should be focused on, so as to establish MAN which meets the need for multi-service access and reliable multi-service provision. As part of an integrated business platform, MAN not only meets the need of broadband access business, but also vigorously develops broadband value-added business. Different new businesses are developed for different user group.

In combination with the situation of mainstream manufacturers,


 Netway  Systems constructs high-speed IP bearer network which is line with different design ideas based on IMS system architecture and NGN softswitch system architecture; as such, the IP bearer network can better adapt to the emerging demand for multimedia communications, meet the users’ needs for service mobility and personalization, and can ensure that users can enjoy consistent services anywhere and have the ability to offer different users customized services.


Netway  Systems provides IP network support system, supports NGN services and many types of IMS business model, and can assist the NGN products and billing departments of mainstream manufacturers to offer the following services: IP network traffic monitoring, traffic control, QOS guarantee, fault tolerance, business launch, business diversification billing, CPE automation launch and deployment.