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Enterprise Internet architecture



With the corporate departments and employees more widely distributed, companies' overall growth and success increasingly depends on the productivity of branches and remote offices; Therefore, the staff working everywhere need fast and secure channel to access to companies’ application system. However, according to the existing trend, the application systems are not decentralized, instead, key application system and servers are centralized (even outsourced) to fewer and more focused sites. Therefore, the main task facing IT service sector is to build Intranet by using the most simple, effective and low cost interconnection means. Furthermore, the users scattering at various regions face the problems of effectiveness.

Typically, the reasons for poor performance of centralized application system are as follows: too long distance between users and application system, narrow band/high-delay online network, as well as the usage rate of application system and protocol is beyond the designed limit; these factors lead to reduced performance of remote website application system, the problems are more serious for those application systems which need much bandwidth or have strict requirements of response time.


Netway  Systems is committed to participating in the whole life cycle of new type of enterprise interconnection construction, and solving the above problems, so as to establish most efficient Intranet. With its years’ experience in network construction and its understanding of customer application requirements,


Netway  Systems introduces the concept of "value-added network infrastructure construction". At the beginning of network construction, 


Netway  Systems took into account future customers application demand, made breakthrough in the traditional system integration concept which is limited to network infrastructure construction, and incorporates customer application demand into the planning objectives.


Netway  Systems helps users set up secure, highly-reliable and low-cost network which is used as a carrier of value-added services and meanwhile provides the guarantee for network management and achieves the following characteristics, in order to meet the present and future needs of enterprises.


  •  Provide secure and unlimited connection between the employees, customers and information
  • Offer high-quality real-time applications (such as voice and video, etc.) on an integrated network platform
  • Ensure the access to information and resources at any location
  • Automatically deploy manageable self-defense network
  • Reduce operation expenses of clients



Netway  Systems is committed to helping customers in various fields to build network infrastructure platform which is operational, managed, low cost, secure and efficient, and can be loaded with a variety of value-added application functions and services.


  • For operators, to build a "value added" network can meet their network operation and management needs, and enable them to provide customers with value-added services through value-added network.
  • For corporate customers, value-added network infrastructure can help companies to save operating costs and make full use of existing network resources to achieve managed operation under QOS guarantee.