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Outsourcing Service and Support

 Regardless of the size of your organization you might want to utilize our expertise in one of many areas. This way you not only try before you buy but also enable your internal staff to focus on your core competency. Developing or buying a skill-set can be clouded with uncertainty, take too much time or be cost prohibitive.

You might want to make use of a certain skill for only a little while, on a project basis or you might decide to utilize our staff for a longer time period. The flexibility is there to suit your business needs. Netway has a rich history of supporting organizations achieve their goals,seamlessly integrating its capabilities with those of its customer.

Our staff encompasses various engineering specialties such as data system and network security engineers. It also includes cabling and maintenance technicians. We maintain our reputation by providing you with a pool of engineers that hold various industry-recognized certifications More crucial than the technical knowledgebase to which these certifications point, are the underlying relationships that they express, with industry players like Cisco, Avaya, 3COM, ..Etc, to name just a few.

Our pool of skills enables Netway to offer you services that go beyond what an individual engineer or specialty can provide. For example, we can take as much responsibility as you want to give away and successfully run the show for you with our project management services. Or we can bring some selected staff under your management for a period of time while you leverage their skills to achieve your goals with our staff augmentation services.

If your needs are more specific perhaps we can also help you by utilizing our experience working with various types of organizations. An example of this is our work with State and Local governments, which enables us to offer government services. Or we can offer our Help Desk services, which could entail supporting an IT Help Desk or a Telecom NOC. Dispatch services is another way we could bring our experience to your door. Determining what you need to succeed begins with our first contact and continues as you and our relationship grows.