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Network Security

 An insecure network is an invitation to compromise and abuse by internal and external security threats. While a completely invulnerable network cannot exist, there are some steps that can be taken to secure most existing networks. Netway can analyze your network and suggest ways to reduce the risk and enticement of attack.


After your network has been buttressed against possible immediate attacks, it’s time to develop a network security policy to ensure continuous protection. The point is that no organization can afford to be run without ground rules. Netway will turn your company’s trust in its people into rules that allow appropriate degrees of access to the information
infrastructure. A solid network security policy will promote organization-wide patterns of behavior that will limit access to the network resources only to those originally intended.

After a well-thought strategy has been crafted, Netway can help with the implementation.
This could also include ensuring your up-to-date conformance to the latest security norms and installation of security patches. You can remain confident in your organization’s ability to keep up with security threats while keeping your network connected to the outside world. With our Network Support Services you protect your investment in information resources and maintain the peace of mind necessary to perform your real job.