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Network Integration

 We offer an analysis of your current network. You can think of it as a diagnosis .

Most networks could use some help as time takes its toll and an increasing number of needs are left unmet. While everyday tasks absorb the staff’s attention and energy, it often takes a third party to give an objective picture of the network and suggest long-needed
improvements and upgrades. Netway Professional Services maintains at its disposal an arsenal of technologies and methodologies for their implementation. Our constant exposure to fresh technology shifts the burden of keeping up with a dizzying array of technologies from your staff to ours.

Whether we build your network from scratch or upgrade your existing one, based on our thorough analysis, we will provide you with a comprehensive network design to be
implemented by our competent engineers. Building a network requires our system engineers to design around your business requirements, choose the most appropriate hardware and fit all of the components into place. We can provide the expertise to build a fault tolerant, resilient, high performance network to meet every communication challenge.

Before any infrastructure changes can occur, it is necessary to obtain a baseline, or base knowledge of the health of the network. After the required changes have been implemented, Network Baselining shifts to monitoring network health (watching for changes in problem indicators), which is a proactive form of fault management.