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Cabling System

 The most important challenge businesses are faced with when upgrading or deciding on a new network, is to ensure that the completed installation is capable of satisfying not only your current but also future demands. The cabling system is the backbone of the network. Although it represents the smallest portion of initial networking costs, cabling can be the cause of most network crashes if designed or installed improperly.

Netway utilizes the right staff, equipment and knowledge to tackle almost any cabling challenge (designing, specifying, installing, terminating, testing and troubleshooting,). From single tenant buildings, multi-building campus environments… to large telecom cabling system , Netway has the resources to design a robust cable plant to meet your ever changing demands while providing standards-based design and installations of voice, data and video cabling systems.

Netway also provides testing and certification of existing and new cable plants. This is a very important part of the process to ensure that the cables will perform to the latest standards.The integrity of each installation is verified as each cable is tested against a list of testing parameters. These tests are then turned over to our customers for record purposes. Network documentation translates to accountability to the customer, demonstrated by detailed documents and drawings specifying the network layout (including AutoCAD drawings detailing cable and jack locations). It means test results that outline the capabilities and performance of the network with proof in hand that the network is functioning the way it is supposed to function.